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Mishelti Technologies

Who we are?

Mishelti - is a technology company. We produce technological products of our own design and production.

Mishelti Technologies company is part of TySeven Group holding and was founded in 2014.

How  we can help you?

We can make your technological products according to your drawings or carry out a full range of services from creating drawings, a business plan and selling your technological or innovative products.

What we can do for you?

We develop a business plan.
We develop product drawings
Calculate the economic part.
We'll made your products in any country.
We'll sell your products.
Full range of turnkey services.

Mishelti Bracelets "Series M"

Bracelets Series M1

Bracelets Series M3

Bracelets Series M5

Bracelets Series M2

Bracelets Series M4


What we can do for you?

Technologies Drawings

Our engineers from Mishelti Technologies will develop process drawings for your project. We work with any technological things: from phones to cars.

Business planning

Our financial experts from the “Parma Initiative” will develop a detailed business plan depending on the region of production and the region of product sales.

Marketing strategy

Our marketing specialists from "Mirror Mask" will develop a marketing plan and implement a marketing strategy.


Our specialists from "Nord Aurora" will deal with the whole range of accompanying services: accounting, finance, HR, law, etc.

Investments and loans

If you need additional investments, our specialists from "Project’18" will can helped to attract additional investments or help with obtaining a loan.


Our experts from TySeven will solve even the most complex and non-trivial tasks.

Contact Us

101, Rose Street South Lane Edinburgh EH2 3JG, Scotland, UK



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Bracelets Series M5 Love

Bracelet «M5 Love» will help you to: 

Find love
Get some
Find a friend of a good fellow


Have you wanted to come to pleasant colleague at your work for long since, but have not dared ask her on a date? Now everything has become easier. Bracelet "Mishelti M5 Love" says about your feelings instead of you. Just click on the button and your evening will become unforgettable!

How to use?

Turn on your bracelet and select the option wanted: Love, friendship or sex! You can select several options at once.


If you are a LGBT individual, turn on the special button as well. 

Wristband doesn’t need phone or internet connection for work.

For all

For your attention a bracelet "Mishelti M5 Love". With this bracelet you could find a girl or a guy: for love, sex or friendship. Also, this bracelet has a function of searching for a partner for gays and lesbians. 


Imagine that you have come to the club. And you want to meet a posh girl or a guy to spend the night with her. With bracelets "Mishelti M5 Love" it is quick and comfortable! Press the «Sex» button on the bracelet, and in a couple of minutes the first person applying for a night with you will come to you. Or you will feel the vibration of your bracelet and go to a girl or a guy.

How to use?

And then go to any crowded place: street, park, club or work.


When there in a radius of 15 meters appears a person with the same bracelet "Mishelti M5 Love" and the same options selected, your bracelet will react and start to vibrate.


You can use the bracelet in any places. Remember that your wanted partner can be anywhere. Perhaps this is your colleague or your boss. Probably it's a handsome guy from the club or the phat waitress from your favorite cafe.


Now you don’t have to spend months and years to find your love. Just put the bracelet on and go for a walk around the city. The right person will come to you himself. The "Mishelti M5 Love" bracelets will help you to find your love or to find a partner for one night.

How to use?

The closer you will come to this person, the more actively your bracelet will vibrate. You’ll feel the continuous vibration at the distance of 1m.

The wanted person will come to you. Or you can come to him or her first.

It turns out to be sort of game of finding a partner.

Bracelets Series M5


101, Rose Street South Lane Edinburgh EH2 3JG, Scotland, UK



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