N E O   S E O U L

International marketing company

Who we are?

"Neo Seoul" - an international marketing company included in the structure of the TySeven Group

What are we offering?

We offer a full range of marketing services: online marketing, offline marketing, marketing outsourcing

Where do we work?

We work in every country and in every city. Our main feature is that our employees are in every city, so we work "on the ground"

List of Services

We offer a full range of services from setting up advertising to comprehensive offers

Batch offers

We have comprehensive packages of offers for all types of business. Cost starts from $ 300 per month


Special offers

Discover our promotions and special offers

I n t e r n a t i o n a l   m a r k e t i n g

Why us?

We are a British company with employees around the world.
Our marketers are specialist professional staff and interdisciplinary resources from the UK, US, European Union, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Asia countries

Why are we better?

Since our company is a holding, we approach marketing comprehensively.
For the solving of marketing tasks we are connects financial spetsilisty, accountants, economists, agents of influence, troubleshooters, etc.

For us, marketing is not just about attracting customers for you; for us, marketing is taking your company to the next level!

How we are working?

Just send us a request and we will answer you as soon as possible and conduct a marketing analysis and make you an offer

B a t c h    o f f e r s

Comprehensive Marketing Offers

For a micro business

From $ 300 per month

For medium business

From $ 2500 per month

For a small business

From $ 1200 per month

For large business

From $ 3800 per month


List of our services

Full range of marketing services

from $ 180

Targeted advertising

from $ 290

Contextual advertising

from $ 350

Analytics and Planning

from $ 700

Offline marketing

from $ 480

Sites and Landings

from $ 190

Social Networking

from $ 450


from $ 170


from $ 250

Email Newsletter

from $ 200

Other market channels


Personal brand marketing

SintaSix - PR promotion and branding of people. Actual for models, instagram models, Internet stars, singers, groups, actors, trainers and coaches.
We will make you a superstar! By investing now, tomorrow you will earn hundreds of thousands of dollars

International marketing

Parma Initiative - will help your business enter the international market. Want to sell a product or service abroad? We will help you with any specifics of your business. Any countries. Any languages. Any format of marketing, including offline marketing and organizing local forums.
We also provide all customs services, foreign trade activities

Political marketing

Valorous Republic - political marketing. We will make branding and promotion of politicians and political parties around the world. Also, this service will be relevant for the near-political sphere: political strategists, political marketers, etc.



Federation One - regional marketing, branding and promotion of cities, towns and countries. Marketing promotion and branding for ministries, controlled departments, ministers, politicians, governors, mayors.
Rare specifics of services


O u r   c a s e s

This is a small part of our cases

Geraro Rshtuni

Shoe brand

South Korea, UAE, UK


UK political party

United Kingdom

Male relaxation studios

Adult direction

Russian Federation

Seagull Group

Restaurant Holding

Russian Federation

University of Toronto

Political marketing for campuses president


Financial partners

loans brokers

Russian Federation

Parque Arauco 

Network of malls

Peru and Chile


Media advertising company



Technical production

Italy and Peru

Peru Government

Political marketing


Beauty direction

Special offer for beauty masters and beauty salons:

  • Customize the pages of three social networks

  • Setting up advertising companies in Facebook, Instagram, VK

  • Logo for business

  • Special offer

$ 499
10% for all services

Real estate

Special offer for realtors, builders and real estate agencies:

  • Customize the pages of three social networks

  • Setting up advertising companies in Facebook, Instagram, VK

  • Logo for business

  • Special offer

$ 699
10% for all services


Special offer for factories and industries:

  • Customize the pages of three social networks

  • Setting up advertising companies in Facebook, Instagram, VK

  • CRM Bitrix24 implementation

  • Special offer

$ 1990


10% for all services



101, Rose Street South Lane Edinburgh EH2 3JG, Scotland, UK

Company registration number: SO306489

Russian Federation: Perm City, Nikolai Ostrovsky, 51
Postcode: 614007

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+44 800 52 000 78 (UK)

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